Like you, I subscribe to several “Tips of the Week”.  

This week, Tim Ferris sent this link:

He’s right.  With all of the doom and gloom right now, we could all use some laughs.  

The link above made me laugh out loud several times and I thought I would share it with you.

Allergies continue to trip me up, but I’ve made my peace with it.  I’ve shut down my live classes for a bit.  On the bright side, this has given me some extra time to write for Word up!

We are now filming Volume 3.  Should be available from Compass Classroom in a few months.  

I am spending a lot of time researching words.  Thought I would share one of my tools with you today.

If you have ever wondered where an English word comes from, just plug it into this site:

Etymonline is a combination of two words.  Etymology is the study of word histories.  Online is, well, online.  Slam the two together and you get etymonline.  I use this site six days a week as I write Word up!  (I try never to work on Sundays.)

This week, while researching the Greek word γράμμα/gramma, I discovered that the English word glamour ultimately comes from the word grimoire.  

A grimoire is a book of spells.  Turns out, glamour is a kind of spell you girls are throwing at us guys.  I asked my wife about this.  She just smiled and said, “Yep.  And, it works, too.”  Not fair, girls.  Not fair.