In the middle of the wackiest 2020 we have ever lived through, it’s easy to forget the basics.

Here are five things we can all do.  These five things might just help us keep our sanity.  And, they are all free.

1. We can read.

2. We can go outside and get some air.  

3. We can play.

4. We can drink water.

5. And, we can sleep.  Which I am not doing right now, even though it’s late. 

I need to go to sleep, so I am going to make this one quick.

The allergies that plagued me during the month of May have gone.  So, I have decided to pick some classes back up.

On Monday, I am going to pick the Latin classes back up.  They will be early morning classes.  Not required, of course.  You can always watch them later.  To join, go to this page and scroll down:

In the Lingua Latina exercise book, Exercitia Latina we will continue on filling in the lessons we missed.  

In Second Year Latin by Robert Henle, we will pick things up in chapter 18.

Spanish and French are still on hold and may remain so for the rest of the summer.  I will be intensively studying both languages once I finish filming Word Up

We have about a week or two to go in Word Up.  Volume 1 is here: Word Up.  

Volumes 2 and 3 should be available later this summer.  

Okay.  That’s it for me.  I am tired and am going to do the fifth thing on the list above.