I once read that the average American reads one book a year.

That statistic blows me away.

If that’s true, think about this.  If you decided to read one book a month in your field, in just one or two years, you’d be light years ahead of most of your competition.

I often remind my students, “Don’t underestimate the power of reading.”

When it comes to learning a new language, I consider reading the silver bullet.  In an age of video courses, online courses, and apps, reading is overlooked.

(Yes.  I know.  I teach online courses, and sell video courses.  But, I still tell my students to read.)

You can read to learn other languages, of course.  But, reading doesn’t just apply to learning languages.

You can also read to improve your life.

I am sure you have seen this famous slide:

Look what happens when you read just 20 minutes a day!

Want to improve your life?


Want to learn something new?


Want to master a skill?


You will learn more about yourself.  You will learn more about the world.  In fact, the world will become more interesting.

And, you will learn more words.

With a more powerful vocabulary, and a more powerful command of English comes the power to think well.

In his book, The Pledge, Michael Masterson shows the progression.

“Words matter.  They help us define meaning.  We think with words.  We learn with words.  Words are the fundamental tools we use for communicating.  If we use them well, we can cut, and shape, and polish our ideas precisely, and beautifully.  If we use them sloppily, we put ourselves at an intellectual disadvantage.  Words can help you think well.  If you think well, you can plan well.  If you plan well, you can work well.  If you work well, you can accomplish almost anything.”

It’s easy to start reading.  Books are cheap (or, free at the library) and ubiquitous.

Oh, and here’s another benefit.  If you’re bored, read.  Reading combats boredom.

To get started, start small.  Read just 10 pages a day.  Or, 20.  Or, 30.

Think about it.  20 pages a day turns into `140 pages a week. That’s not much.  But, at that rate, you’d be reading a book every two or three weeks.  It adds up.


Thanksgiving break is here.  There will be no classes next week, November 22-26.  (Extra reading time!)

The classes:
Here is what we are up to.  Since I record everything I teach, you are welcome to jump into classes any time.

Spanish – Monday-Friday 7:00 – 7:25 am Central Time Zone (CTZ).  
In Spanish, we are still in chapter 22 of the book All Spanish Method by Guillermo Aviles.  If you are starting out this year, and you want to tag along, the previous chapters are all up on my site.  Subscribers have access to them 24/7.

Keep in mind I am still learning Spanish.  So, I am “teaching” this class.  The truth is… I am simply learning Spanish publicly.  You are welcome to join me.

French – Monday-Friday 7:30 – 7:55 am CTZ.
We are now in chapter 9 of Le Francais par la Methode Nature.  Last year, I took students through the first 20 chapters, or so.  This time, we will try to make it to the end.  There are 50 chapters.  It will take a few years.  I do not intend to start over next summer.

Keep in mind I am still learning French.  So, I am “teaching” this class.  The truth is… I am simply learning French publicly.  You are welcome to join me.

If you really want to learn Latin well, and if you want to have a good time while doing it, read Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  Feel free to join the Lingua Latina class I am teaching every weekday morning.  We are currently in Chapter 5.

Latin 2: Monday-Friday 8:00-8:25 am CTZ
We continue to work our way through Exercitia Latina.  We are currently in chapter 24.  This class is really for those who want to go even deeper into Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  If you were in Latin 3 (Third Year Latin by Robert Henle), you would benefit from this class.

Latin 1: Monday-Friday 8:30-8:55 am CTZ
This year, we started Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg over again.  Enough people asked.  We are currently in chapter 6.

Though I can’t believe it, every year some people come to every class I teach.  I guess they just like my voice.

So, if you decide to come to them all, here are the same classes from above in chronological order:

7:00 – 7:25 amSpanish 2: All Spanish Method by Guillermo Aviles
7:30 – 7:55 amFrench 1: Le Francais par la Methode Nature
8:00 – 8:25 am Latin 2: Exercitia Latina by Hans Ørberg
8:30 – 8:55 am Latin 1: Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg
And now… the same thing I say every week.

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Of course, if you are just starting out in Latin, you may be happier with Visual Latin.

Visual Latin is a full-blown Latin course.  It is rigorous, just not as rigorous as the classes on my site.  The classes on my site are more “next level” classes, really.

By the way, if you are into etymology (the history of words), and if you would like to see me make a fool of myself, you might enjoy Word Up.

Five years ago, or so, we launched this series just to see if it would work.  It did.

And, after years of listening to many of you beg for more, I finally gave in and agreed to make a fool of myself once again.

Volumes 2 and 3 of Word Up are available.

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I hope you have a very happy Saturday!

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