Last week I talked about French.  Even if you are older, you are likely not too old to learn French.  If you missed it, that tip (along with hundreds of others) is here:

This week I am here to talk about German.

I am not learning German for the first time.  I used to live in Germany.  My family used to live this tiny little, hardly on the map town: Leideneck.

After coming back to America, I got distracted by Latin.  I dropped German for a long time.  Now, I am attempting to re-learn it.

Here are four resources I am using to re-kindle the German in my head:

Resource #1: For grammar, The Magic Key to German by Margarita Madrigal.  I taught this book online for a few months.  In fact, we just finished this book yesterday.  The book is out of print and is too expensive.  You can find a free .pdf copy of the book here:

Resource #2: For conversational German I sometimes watch the Extra series.

Resource #3: For listening I almost always listen to  I’ve been listening to this podcast for years.  It was one of the first podcasts I found.

Resource #4: For listening and reading, I enjoy reading the Bible in German.  You can do both here:
Did you miss a tip of the week?  No worries.  I store them all here:

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What I am reading these days: 

I am always listening to the Old and New Testament in some language.  Since I am trying to master French and Spanish, I am listening to the Old Testament in French.  To practice Spanish, I’ve been listening to the New Testament in Spanish.  Both are available on Scribd.

For some reason, I decided to listen to The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer.  I have always wanted to read it.  It was available at my local library this week, so I started reading it.  I am listening to it on Libby.  Not sure I will finish it.  It’s a little depressing.  Obviously.  And, it’s 57 hours long!  But… I also find it fascinating, so I am going to try to finish it.