This week’s tip is simple.  If you need to do some calculations, check out

There are financial calculators, health calculators, math calculators, and more.  You can find out how much you can afford to pay if you are buying a house, how much you are going to owe in taxes, and how many calories you are burning.  All in one place!

I bike a lot.  I am never really sure how many calories I burn while I am out there dodging pick-up trucks on narrow Tennessee roads.  Thanks to, now, I know.

If you are having a tough time coming up with passwords, there’s even a password generator.

I only wish there were a life expectancy calculator.  I have a lot of books I want to read.  I have books I want to write.  There are still things I want to do.  I wanted to know how much time I have left.  To find out, I went over to another calculator site:

According to, I am going to live for 101 years.  Of course, the life expectancy site doesn’t factor in speeding pick-up trucks on narrow Tennessee roads.

I told my wife that according to I am going to live to be 101.  She stared at me for a long time and finally said… “I don’t think I was ready for that information.”  Heh. Heh.

A few days ago, she and I celebrated our 25th anniversary.  I am proud of her.  She has endured many lame jokes.  I once heard the moon’s gravitation pull draws asteroids away from earth.  Thus, the moon acts as our protector.  It takes the hits for us.

If you are Visual Latin or Word up! user, my wife has done the same for you.  She has drawn many lame jokes away from you.  You wouldn’t believe what got edited out of Visual Latin and Word up!

So there you go.  If you’ve got some calculating to do, check out and