Inspired by all the swearing showing up in goal-setting books these days, I wrote a book on goals.  How to set them.  How to hit them.  All that.  Minus the swearing.

Now, I am editing my way through the book.

I am eliminating passive sentences, throwing out the word ‘that’ every chance I get, and improving the vocabulary.

To improve the vocabulary, I am using a couple of Thesauri.  Thesaurus’.  Thesauruses.  Thesaurasaurus Rexes?  Oh, forget it.

For years, I have known about and used  I used it a lot while writing the Word up! series.

While editing, I came across another Thesaurus I am now using.   If you are a writer or a student, you may want to check out

Whenever you feel you need a better word, simply go to either of these sites, plug in the word you want to upgrade, and voila!  Choose from dozens of options.  Impress your friends with your elevated lexicon!