Late in life, I am learning to snowboard and ski.  Never got to do this stuff when I was younger, so I am doing it now.  Mid-life crisis, I suppose.

Around Nashville, there are not many places to snowboard.  You can learn in Ober Gatlinburg, about four and a half hours from my house.  I have skied there.   But, I really wanted something less crowded and a little more forgiving.  There seem to be two options there.  Bunny hill and advanced.   I needed something in between.  So, I went looking.  And, I found two options even closer.

One is Cloudmont ski resort in Alabama, about two hours from where I live.  I have not been there yet, since it has to get seriously cold to snowboard and ski in Alabama.   I am waiting.  When a cold snap comes, I plan to check it out.

The other place I found is Paoli Peaks, Indiana.  I went there a few weeks ago and loved it.  Paoli Peaks is a little more than a three-hour drive from Nashville, just beyond Holiday World.

I taught classes one morning, jumped in my car, and drove to Indiana for a snowboarding lesson in the afternoon.  Hardly anyone was there.  The instructors were great.  Very patient with me.  By the end of the day, they had my going down some pretty long runs.

So, there you have it.  If you live in the South, and if you are looking for a quiet place to snowboard or ski, check out Paoli Peaks, Indiana.  Unfortunately, it looks like they are closed for the season, but maybe I’ll see you on the slopes next winter!