Git an Editer

Last weak, I sent owt an email with a mispeled wurd.  Ironikly, I titled the email “Chose your words carefully.”  It was suposed to bee “Choose your words carefully.”   This week, I am beeng a bit mur karefool.

Mispeling wurds can bee humileeating.   Ekspecialy, when yoo r a languige teecher.

So.  This week mi advise is simpl.  Git an editr to look over yoor wurk befour you send it owt to thousunds of reeders.

I have writen a buk on goals, and editors are looking it over rite now.  But, I failed to follow my own advise with last weaks email.

Footunatlee, I lernd my lesson.  It was embearassing, yes.  But, I lernd.  I won’t make the same mistak twis.

So, their you have it.  If you r a riter, have sombuddy look over your werk befor you shar it with the werld.


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