The average American reads less than four books a year.  According to this site, maybe even less:

I recommend you be different.  Become a habitual reader.

I frequently encourage my students to become lifelong readers.   Why stop reading after high school, or college?  With classes and tests out of the way, you can finally read the books you want to read instead of the books you must read.

What if you picked one topic, one field of study, and read a book a month in that field?

By the end of the year, you will have read twelve books on your chosen topic.  By the end of two years, you will have read twenty-four books on your chosen topic.  By the end of three years, you get the point.

You could start a blog and could review the books on your blog.

The focus and dedication required to do this would put you ahead of the pack.  Way ahead.  You would begin developing your reputation as an expert in your chosen field.

To save money during this time of runaway inflation, consider getting a library card.  If you live near a decent-sized city, chances are high the library already has many of the books you need to level up in your chosen field.

Not only will they have physical books, but you can also check out audiobooks from the library using the Libby app.  You may have to wait in line for the audiobooks, but you will not have to pay.

The only requirement is time.  If you focus your reading and track your findings online, this is time well spent.  All it takes is time and persistence.