I recently turned fifty.  Didn’t mean to.  It just happened.

If you are young and able (and I know many readers of this email are) I highly recommend you stay healthy.  Make health a priority.  Do whatever you have to do.  It makes a difference as you age.

Do not neglect physical activity as you age.  Walk, swim, hike, or ride a bike.  And, keep doing it.

Choose something you can keep doing as you age.  I live next to a city park.  I see older people walking, jogging, and biking all the time.  I see none of them playing football.  Some things you just age out of.

Just as saving money adds up over time, staying active also adds up.

Personally, I choose biking.  I love biking, particularly mountain biking, though, I don’t ride on too many crazy trails anymore.  I stick to pretty flat trails.

Biking is something you can keep doing as you age.  Last week, I was looking through a list of bikes used on a mountainous race in Europe.  The bikes impressed me.  What impressed me more was the age of the racers:

The point is, keep moving.  Find simple ways to move.  Do it for the rest of your life.  Stay healthy.  You will be glad you did.