Like most of you, I love learning.  I spend much of my free time learning.

Over the years, I have subscribed to the site formerly known as The Great Courses.  These days, the site goes by the name Wondrium.  I still call the site, The Great Courses.

Honestly, the Great Courses tend to put me to sleep.  I never listen to them while driving.

Fortunately, The Great Courses, Wondrium, I mean also offers audio options.

I enjoy the great courses. You can learn a lot from them. But in my case. I have to learn in motion.  This is easy.  Simply download the audio option and listen while you walk, run, hike, bike, rake leaves, or fold laundry.

I once heard that if sharks stop swimming, they die.  Maybe I am part shark.  If I stop moving, I fall asleep.

Naturally, this option does not work courses like photography courses.  But, it works great with the language and history courses.

One more thing. Most of the Great Courses are academic courses.  High-level, theoretical, philosophical stuff.

If you’re looking for practical usable skills, I recommend checking out Udemy.


In reply, Christine says:

  I am also a fan of The Great Courses. I like to use a library card for Hoopla. Hoopla has a bunch of very academic Great Courses that are not offered on Wondrium right now. I have realized as I’m getting older that I don’t have time to repeat courses or books because there is so much more out there to learn and to read, so if I can avoid buying something, I prefer to borrow it for free. Hoopla also offers a great course pass or something like that, where you borrow the pass for 21 days and then can borrow multiple great courses over those days and it counts as one. (My hoopla account only allows me to borrow 5 items per month.) I actually started with The Great Courses as a way to make my children learn stuff while I also became smarter, but now I listen to or watch courses that do not interest my kids and are not something I feel I need to make them consume either. We do still watch many of them together. I find that I can watch only one or two lectures of a subject at a time before I will fall asleep, so I try to change the subject or turn it off and do something else. Right now my kids and I are touring Italy and Ireland. It’s fascinating!
– Christine


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