In my never-ending quest for alternatives to college, I recently discovered the No Degree podcast.

In the podcast, the host interviews people who opted out of college, and found success.   If you decide to check it out, I recommend this episode first:

In America, we have painted ourselves into a highly frustrating corner.  Many of the best jobs out there are sealed behind a firewall… college.  The problem is, college is not for everyone.  For those who do not do so well in school, the situation is frustrating.

Fortunately, there are ways around the firewall.  If you are looking for alternatives, you may find encouragement in the nodegree podcast.


In reply to this email, Andrea says:

Thank you Dwane for your always insightful email messages. I find your tips and suggestions most helpful – if even just for insight.
Kim says:
This is really great. I have a degree but really want to reinvent what I have to offer that’s totally different from my masters in business. I’d like to learn and offer functional medicine and homeopathy. Maybe even help parents with getting their young kids solid skills in math before entering high maths. So many dreams!


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