As I get older, jet lag takes more and more out of me.

There are several ways to fight it.

First of all, and this is probably obvious, try to stay awake until bedtime.  In other words, if you generally go to bed around 10 pm, try to stay awake until 10 pm in the new time zone.

Second, and this is my favorite, schedule a walking tour.

Since arriving in Ireland two days ago, I have gone on two walking tours.  I am going on another tomorrow.  Actually, tomorrow’s tour is a biking tour.  As biking is my favorite past-time, I can’t wait.  I know.  You can’t believe reading Latin books isn’t my favorite past-time.  Nope.  Bike riding is my favorite past-time.  But, bike riding doesn’t pay the bills.

Anyway, as I was saying, I have gone on two walking tours since arriving in Dublin.

AirBnB makes this easy.  You can book more than rooms on AirBnB.  You can book experiences, as well.  And, for the most part, they are relatively inexpensive.  Especially if you are alone… as I am.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to AirBnB, and click on experiences.  Then, type in the city you are interested in and click search.

Here are the two tours I have gone on so far:


This helps with jet lag not one bit, but I thought I would mention it.  I can’t stand being in a region without learning the history.

Yesterday, I got lost (on the way back from a walking tour) and stumbled upon St. Patrick’s.  (I apologize for the quality of the photo.  Still learning).  According to the legends, it was here St. Patrick first baptized the earliest Irish converts.

This alone sent me hunting for more.

On Scribd, I discovered, A Popular History of Ireland, by Thomas D’Arcy McGee.  Since I am most interested in the earliest history of Ireland (you know, the part with Gauls, Celts, Romans, and Vikings) I read volume one.

I followed along for free on Google play.  Here is the free digital version of the book:

The story of St. Patrick’s capture, enslavement, escape and eventual return, is fascinating to me.  And, yes.  It does happen during the final days of the Roman empire, and yes, Latin does show up in the story from time to time… so, there.  Latin and Rome and all that.  I know some of you think that’s all this site is about.  🙂

Well, there are many emails to respond to.  So, thanks for reading.

I hope you are having an excellent day.

– Dwane