I received this question:

If students complete your Visual Latin I, will they be ready for Henle 2?  I have half the class doing VL instead of Henle this year, and they are planning on doing Henle 2 next year.  I’m having them keep up with the Henle vocab though.

Here is my reply:

Honestly, I doubt it.  I take hundreds of kids through Henle Latin 1, and it doesn’t prepare them for Henle Latin 2.  Caesar’s writings (Henle 2 ) are just difficult.  And boring. 

In my opinion, students should read the Gospels in Latin first.  They are easier to read and easier to understand.  Plus, they make a perfect bridge into classical Latin.  But, since our culture hates the Bible, no one seems to be able to make this connection.  

I realize this isn’t much of an answer for you. I am still, desperately, yearly, working on a solution.