I received this question:

After my son completes both Visual Latin 1 and 2, would he be able to successfully switch to Henle 2-4 to continue his Latin if he wishes to go further? Do you have plans to make higher levels of Visual Latin in the next couple of years, or at all?

Here is my reply:

In theory.  Yes.  Students who finish Visual Latin should be able to move right on into Henle 2.  However, I find even students who finish Henle 1, are ready for Henle 2.  

Henle 1 teaches the grammar of Latin.  Henle 2 is dominated by the writings of Julius Caesar.  In my opinion, the jump is unrealistic.  

If we were to teach foreigners English grammar and then hand them a copy of some Pentagon report on the war in Afghanistan, we would be doing what Latin teachers often do to their students.  It is entrenched in the American system of education, and I am not sure it can be changed… but, it should be changed.  I have written more about this here: https://dwanethomas.com/world-world-winning/.

After Visual Latin, I recommend some time in the gospels, or some time Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  If students were to read either during the summer, having finished Visual Latin, then they would be better prepared for the work they will find in Henle 2 and beyond.

As for your final question, no.  There are currently no plans to create anything beyond Visual Latin 1 and 2.  Perhaps someday.