You kids today.  I am so jealous.

When I moved to Germany as a teenager, I decided to learn German.  Someone gave me a set of language learning cassette tapes.  This, kids, is a cassette tape:

There were twelve cassettes in the course.  I was glad someone gave the series to me.  As I recall, the series cost about $300.  In the 1980’s, $300 was an inaccessible fortune.

These days, you have access to more German audio material than you could ever listen to.  For free.  Do you see why I am jealous?

Every year, I take students through Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic Wars.

I like to listen to audiobooks.  I went hunting for an audio version of Caesar’s book.  I expected to spend $20 to $30 on  I found it.

The Commentaries by Julius Caesar read by Charlton Griffin is my new favorite audio version.  Sure enough, the book costs a bit more than $20.

However, if you want it for free, it is also available on YouTube.  Seriously. Here you go:

You kids today have it all.  You could learn anything.  Stop playing Candy Crush.

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