So, it turns out Henle Latin isn’t traditional at all.  It’s modern.  Suspected that.  Couldn’t really put it into words.

This week, I received this email:

This is not a class question.  I just ran across this article and it supports most of what you have been doing (against the academy) for years.  I thought you might appreciate it.  Thanks for continuing to rally around Hans Ørberg and providing a do-able alternative to the grammar/ translation method – don’t give us the fight!

Here is my reply:

Thank you for sending this.  

I have actually read it several times and am going to link it on my site.  Nice to know I am not alone on this one.  I’ve actually moved on to modern languages… you know, languages you can actually speak.

I still teach Latin, of course, and probably always will. But, I am so unbelievably tired of dealing with a language where everyone focuses intently on grammatical minutiae. At least with French, Spanish, and Italian, you can actually learn to speak the language.  

All that to say, thanks again!