This week, a mother emailed me.  She was discouraged that she and her son were plodding slowly through Visual Latin.  They are feeling behind.

Here is my reply to her email: 

I have been studying Greek for almost ten years now… and, still don’t feel I have “gotten” it.   

Every year, I have students who just seem to “get it”.  I get them going, and they leave me far behind.  With a bit of envy, I watch them disappear over the horizon.  I wish my mind would grab languages the way theirs seem to.   

Nonetheless, I plod on.  I plod on because each day I learn a bit more.  The small victories add up.   

All this to say, take all the time you need with Visual Latin.  Don’t feel guilty if you don’t finish within a certain time period.  With languages, it really is the journey, not the destination.  

Let me know if you need more help!

Hope you are having a great day!