I received this question:

So what do you recommend after we have completed Latin 2??

Here is my reply:

Ah.  What a question.

This rant may help: https://dwanethomas.com/world-world-winning/

And, this page may help: https://dwanethomas.com/?s=after+Visual+Latin

There really are two directions you could go.  You stick with the ancient past.  You could go deeper into Latin.  If you choose this route, I recommend Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  There is nothing like it.  If you tackle it and get if you find yourself stuck, I teach the book live every year.

Or, here is the other direction.  You could abandon the ancient past.  You could learn a modern language.  I highly recommend Italian.  After Latin, it’s a lot of fun.  Well, I think it is, anyway.

If you go with a modern language, start with DuoLingo.  It is free, pretty fun, and unbelievably effective.  I am using it to teach myself Italian and Greek these days.  I love it.