I received this question:

Could you send me a copy of the Henle 2 syllabus, please?  I am unable to find it anywhere on your website.

Here is my reply:

I removed it from my site some time ago, because the class is now set up more along a self-study pace.   Each year, I simply add more videos and exercises to the course.  We don’t really follow the syllabus anymore. 

For example, when we start back up in September, the First Year Latin Henle classes will start with exercise 21 in lesson 2.   The Second Year Latin Henle classes will start at lesson 7, exercise 43, which is where we stopped last year.   I can’t recall where we stopped in Third Year Latin.

I am seriously considering a live Q and A several times a week.  This would function as almost a “homework assistance” class where students could get answers.