I received this question:

I have 2 students who have taken Spanish I in a class setting. Is your Spanish class for a first-year student or will the 2nd year students benefit?


Here is my reply:

I’ll do my best to answer this, though I am not sure my classes are what you are looking for.

It is my goal to become fluent in multiple languages.  I just like studying them and can’t seem to stop myself.  🙂

In the Spanish and French classes I “teach” online, I am basically inviting students along for the ride as I learn these languages live.

So, every weekday morning (I took July off) we meet for a half hour and read together.  That’s essentially it.  I hesitate to even call these “classes” classes.

In Spanish, we are reading through an old book called the All Spanish Method by Guillermo Aviles. When we stopped in June, we had reached chapter 18. We will resume in chapter 19 in a few weeks. We will just keep reading until we finish the book.

I record every class I teach, and I only take them down if I am updating them. This means that the first year Spanish student would likely want to start with the previous classes on my site, and the Spanish two student could likely just jump into class when we resume on August 10.

Thats if you guys want to join. 

When we finish the All Spanish Method it is my plan to start another book. Probably a book of fables, or something similar, in Spanish.

All that to say, these really are not traditional classes. We do talk about grammar, and we do learn vocabulary, but again, these are just not normal classes. 

I am sure I have only created more questions.  Feel free to contact me again.