In the middle of the Christmas season, I know one question burns in your mind…  Is it better to learn Latin, or is it better to learn a modern Romance language like French, Spanish, or Italian?

It’s time to find out.  It’s time to settle this.

This Thursday afternoon, I will be joining my good friend David Durham.  We will be talking about this very topic… and all of you are invited to listen in.

David is a pretty amazing guy.  He speaks German, French, Italian, and Spanish.  He has also studied Arabic and probably speaks Pig Latin as well.  I have never asked him about Pig Latin.  (Aybemay I illway uringday the intervieway.)

Feel free to share this link with anyone you know: 

This is a free webinar.  Anyone is free to join.  We will discuss language s for a bit… and, then we will take any questions you have.

Hope to see you there!