This word has multiple meanings. 

A whizbang is someone (or something) extraordinarily successful or effect.  It can be someone or something flashy or impressive, recognized by its noise, excellence, or startling effect.  A whizbang is also another term for a particular firework, known for its whizzing sounds.

In English, we can use whizbang as an adjective.  It describes someone successful or talented.  As in, “Have you watched Word Up?  The guys in that show are whizbangs at etymology!”

This word shows up in English via onomatopoeia.  WW1 soldiers thought some of the artillery shells made a “whizzing” sound before reaching their destination.  Of course, the final destination was marked by a loud “Bang!”  

After quite a few years, I am resurrecting the word a day on Facebook, and on my blog.  If all goes well, I’ll do a whizbang job and as a result, your vocabulary will increase.  Perhaps your boss will be impressed by your whizbang vocabulary and you will get a ‘keep up with inflation’ pay raise.