A few weeks ago, I recommend a book, Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, Distractions, or a Degree.

Naturally, it got me into some trouble.  Lost some subscribers.  Made some enemies.

But, it also encouraged some people.  Made some new friends.  Opened some new doors.

About a week ago, I received this note:

I meant to email you after your email about not going to college, not to unsubscribe, but to thank you for being brave enough to say what you did.  I hope you didn’t get a lot of negative comments.
What reminded me that you had sent out that email was listening to a Candace Owens podcast.  She interviewed Gina Florio (whom I’d never heard of.)  One of their topics was college and how unnecessary it is for many, how indebted people become because of it, and the indoctrination of so many colleges.  Very interesting.  You might enjoy listening to it.

I had never heard of Candace Owens.  So, when I found the time, I listened to the interview between her and Gina Florio.

All I have to say is this.  I was blown away.  Why have I never heard of either of these remarkable women?

If you have teenagers in your home, you may need to hear this message: