It’s Friday, April 12, 2019.  All morning classes are cancelled again.

Yesterday, WordPress decided to update to a new editing format.

Immediately, I couldn’t upload videos.  I upload 30 to 35 videos a week. I have been doing this for years.  I know what I am doing.

With one quick awesome update, I could no longer upload videos.

I asked my tech support to help me.  He did.  He made sure I was back on the old WordPress editor.

Then, about ten minutes ago, I tried to upload a video.  A student was having trouble with Visual Latin, Quiz 10, so I made a video.

Tried to post it just now.  Nothing.

It makes no sense to proceed until this is solved.  Therefore, I am cancelling all classes today… and maybe Monday.  I hope to have this solved before Monday, though.

If any of you know people working at WordPress, could you do me a favor?  Could you go pull their chairs out from underneath them?  Or, could you put salt in their sugar bowls?  Or, could you put zip-ties around their toilet paper rolls?  Just some ideas.  Thanks.

– Dwane