Ever wondered why some cities have ‘ham’ attached to their names?

Birmingham, Nottingham, Gotham, Buckingham, and even Hampshire?

The Old English word for home or homestead is ‘ham.’  ‘Ham’ is also the source of our English word ‘home.’

As the three little pigs said, “There’s no place like ham.” (Sorry.  Could’t resist.)

What does ham have to do with the pig ham some of us will eat this Christmas?  

Nothing, as it turns out.  That particular ham is from the Old English word ‘hamm’ meaning ‘the part of the leg behind the knee,’ or ‘the bend of the knee.’ 

Today, I am driving to Birmingham to see my sister and mom, whose maiden name, incidentally, is Willingham.  

I’ll be on the road tomorrow.  Probably will not post a word of the day.  So, you are on your own.  Try to stay strong.