While in France, my students and I visited the Normandy beaches, site of the D-Day landings.  We left Paris and crossed into Normandy not long after.   Several students kept asking when we would reach Normandy.   I realized they thought the beaches were Normandy.  They did not realize Normandy was a region.

Normandy is an upper region of France, much like Florida is a region in the U.S.  Normandy is more like a county in France than a State.  Normandy is called Normandy because the Normans, literally “North-men” overran and occupied the region of France below the English Channel in the 900’s.  Instead of raiding and running, as the Vikings often did, in Normandy, they stuck around and adopted the customs and language of the French.

A century and a half later, in 1066, the Normans took over England and made French the official language of the court.


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