Pram: a stroller, a baby carriage, a small vehicle with four wheels designed for a baby to lie in while you push it around.

I was born in England.  I remember stories of my mom pushing me around Bicester, England in a pram.  Back then, says my mom, the British moms would park the prams and their babies out in front of the stores and  go inside to do their shopping.  Of course, these were not Walmart sized stores.  If you have been there, you know the stores tend to be rather small.  When finished with their shopping, the moms (mine included) would retrieve their babies and walk home.  These days, such a story almost sounds like a story from another planet.

Anyhow, I never thought much about the word pram until I learned Latin.  Pram is short for Perambulatory.  You can see why they shortened the word.  Per is a Latin prefix meaning forward, or through.  And, ambulatory is from the Latin verb ambulare, meaning to walk.

Ambulatory itself is an English word.  It means able to walk about, as in an ambulatory patient in a hospital.


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