Words change over time.  We know that.  Sententious is one of those words.

Sententious once meant full of wisdom.  These days, it kind of means full of it.  (Hint.  The it in full of it is not wisdom.)

In Latin sententiosus meant full of meaning.  This word came from sententia meaning thought, or the expression of a thought.

But, these days, someone speaking in a sententious manner is likely boring the audience with excessive moralizing.  The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary says that this person is trying to sound important or intelligent, especially by expressing moral judgements.  This person is likely a longwinded, sanctimonious prig.  Or a member of congress.  But, I repeat myself.

Sententious, oddly enough, can mean pithy.  Laconic.  Concise.  To the point.  That is a definition I can get behind.

All to say, don’t be too sententious out there today, guys.  But, if you must, at least be sententious sententiously.


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