Ran across an interesting quote this morning during Word Up: Live!
Vocabulary.com quoted Lauren Collins from an article in the New Yorker.
“More than any juice cleanse or lottery win or career switch, a foreign language adumbrates a vision of a parallel life.”  – Lauren Collins.
The original article is here: The New YorkerJul 31, 2016.
I read the article.  It was very interesting.  I wish I could recommend it to all of you, but since many of my readers are children and students, I can’t.  It’s an adult article for sure.  Fortunately, adults would not be too offended by what they read in the article, and children would likely find it too “adultish” anyway.
Still, I liked the quote and wanted to hang on to it.  I hang on to much of what I like right here on my blog.
By the way, we came across the quote while tracking down the definition of adumbrate during the early morning etymology class I teach.
If you don’t know what adumbrate means, or if you want to increase your word power, feel free to join us.  Every morning at 5 am central time zone, I teach a free etymology class called Word Up: Live.  Everyone is invited.  Here is the link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5072626970748798466.
That said, I will be pausing the class on May 5th as I am moving back to Greece to study the language that simply will not let me win… Greek.  I may be teaching the class from Greece.  The internet speed there is faster than the internet speed here in Tennessee.  I will make a decision once I settle in over there.  If I decide to do it, I will post updates and announcements on my blog.
By the way, to adumbrate is to foretell, to indicate faintly, or to foreshadow.