I think I may have located the world’s slowest internet connection.  Since I am currently in Greece, I won’t complain.  Much.  Doing my best to stay caught up, but I am falling behind.

I am not extremely worried about the situation, though I certainly feel bad about it.  I like helping people, and I don’t feel like I am currently helping people.

But, I like to convince myself that I am still helping.

All of my classes from the last several years are still up.  You don’t actually need me to be there.  If you are struggling with Latin, I can still help you via the previous classes.

And, I am working hard over here to practice (and maybe even perfect) my Greek pronunciation.  That IS the reason I am here.  I desperately want to master this difficult language.  If I can master Greek, then perhaps I can help you master Greek someday.  At least I might be able to help you learn to read the New Testament in Greek.

Finally, I am trying to respond to emails while I am in Greece.  Here, too, I am falling behind.  The slow internet connection is hindering me.

If you are waiting for a response from me, I will be in touch.  Sooner than later, I hope.

While you wait, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

# 1 – Yes.  You do have access to each and every class I teach when you subscribe.

# 2 – Yes.  Every member of your family is allowed to attend every single class I teach when you subscribe.

# 3 – Yes.  Every member of your family has access to every previous class on my site when you subscribe.

# 4 – Yes.  Your payments will expire after 3 years.  But, your subscription will not.  After three years, you will have a lifetime subscription to my site.  As I started this about three years ago, some families are already beginning to take advantage of this offer.

# 5 – Yes.  I will be teaching all levels of Henle Latin next year… even though I am not looking forward to Henle 3 and Henle 4.  I am doing it to help you.  I am not doing it because I like it.

# 6 – Yes.  I will make sure your account is canceled… though it makes me sad to see you go.  I hope you are leaving because you are angry with Latin, and not because you are angry with me.  I now have customer support.  If you need help canceling, you may hear from my friend Jeremiah.  Since the internet here is so slow, he is helping me take care of much of the behind the scenes stuff.

# 7 – And, though I hate to say it… yes.  If you cancel your account and decide to come back later, you will have to start over.  I only grant lifetime access to those who stay with me for three uninterrupted years.   I thought about feeling bad about that but then I remembered a few things.

First… no one offers what I offer at this price.  Remember.  Once you subscribe, you and your family have access to every single class I teach.  I have been teaching Latin for over 20 years, and if you have to teach your kids Latin, or if you want to learn Latin, I can make your life easier.  I know what I am doing.

And, second, I also compete with myself.  If my online classes cost too much, I offer a cheaper option.  Buy Visual Latin once, and use it for the rest of your life.  I have read the emails, and I have read the reviews.  People like it.  You may like it as well.

Meanwhile, I am going to get back to climbing the toughest linguistic hill I have ever climbed.  Greek.

Have a great day!