I received a series of questions.  You may find them helpful.

Her questions are followed by my bold answers. 

1) The Henle I class will begin from the beginning in September. Yes.  

2) You teach the Henle classes every morning.  Correct.  That is happening now.  These classes are optional.  Few people come.  We are going through the exercises one by one.  Those classes stay on my site and can be accessed at any time. 

3) You plan to make the Tuesday class your “for posterity” class.   Correct.  Unless I am replacing them with something better, all of my classes remain online.  Indefinitely.  

4) All classes are recorded and available if a student is unable to attend a class.  Correct.

5) There are tests and quizzes available.   Correct.  For most of my courses.  I create a test every day except Sunday.  Even though I would rather lick sandpaper.  

6) You grade nothing, but the tests and quizzes on the site will automatically give a grade.  No.  I do grade.  If there are no tests available for a course, I grade student work in the forums.  During class, I tell them what assignments to turn in. 

7) You are no longer writing tests for Henle.  Nope.  Still creating tests.  I am working on one this afternoon.  And it is so, so, so, so fun.  I just cant think of a better way to spend a summer.  Heh.  


8) Do I clearly understand the format? I think you do.  I am going to offer orientation classes starting next week.   Anyone can attend.  Those should help.  I will send out a weekly email reminding people, and I will also post the link on my blog.  To get to my blog, go here and scroll down a bit: https://dwanethomas.com/.  To sign up for my weekly email, go to the same page and scroll down until you see this:

9) Do you assign the homework, or do I? Up to you.  I can, and do.  But, I tell students that parental authority overides mine.  

10) At what point in the book would there no longer be exams available? Depends on the book.  I have nothing at the moment for French and Spanish.  I have little for Greek and Italian.  So, I grade work in the forums.  I would like to create tests for those courses, but the Henle series remains in my way.  

Let me know if you need more help!

Dwane Thomas