Optimism: the belief that all is for the best.

From Latin optimus, meaning, the best.  Optimus is the superlative of bonus, which means, good.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. 

If you take a long look at the history of the world, you may notice a trend.  The world was an awful place for most of humanity until the coming of Christ.  And, things were getting worse. 

After the resurrection of Christ, the trend reverses.  The world improves.  Granted, the world was in no big rush to improve.  Things continued to be awful for most people for a long time.  Things are still awful for many people.  On a macro level, however, it is difficult to deny that the world is improving. 

Some of you will think I am nuts.  I am not.  Please listen to the following podcast, or read the following books before you get too angry with me. 

Christ rose from the dead.  He is conquering his enemies.  The last enemy to be destroyed is death.  We have more reasons to be optimistic than our fathers did. 

Let’s all cheer up.  Let’s get some work done.