Equestrian: All things horse. 

This word goes in various directions, but remember, each definition has something to do with horses, or life with horses. 

1. Pertaining to horses or horsemanship; as equestrian feats.

2. Being on horseback; as an equestrian lady.

3. Skilled in horsemanship.

4. Representing a person on horseback; as an equestrian statue.

5. Belonging to knights. Among the Romans, the equestrian order was the order of knights, equites; also their troopers or horsemen in the field. In civil life, the knights stood contra-distinguished from the senators; in the field, from the infantry.

I am not exactly sure why it sticks in my mind, but whenever I think of an equestrian statue, I always remember seeing this statue of Robert the Bruce.  Funny the things from childhood that stick in your mind.


Equestrian come from the Latin word for horse: equus.