Hippopotamus: an animal that inhabits the Nile and other rivers in Africa. The hippopotamus resembles a hog rather than a horse.  It is thought the animal was named from his neighing voice.

The Hippopotamus is the third largest land animal, weighing as much as 9,000 pounds and measuring up to 16 feet.  He insists that he eats mostly salad, but the other animals suspect that he is a closet couch potato, is addicted to sugar, drinks a lot of soda, spending most of the weekend eating pizza and watching TV. 

  Male hippos grow throughout their lives while females reach maximum weight around age 25.  Don’t get jealous, ladies.

Though now extinct, the Hippopotamus once roamed the icy Antarctic regions.  Scientists call this extinct animal the Hippothermia.

The word, Hippopotamus, comes from the Greek ἱπποπόταμος, which is a combination of the Greek word for horse, ἵππος (hippos), and river, ποταμός (potamos).  And, yes.  That does mean that the “Potomac River” is literally, the “River river.”  But, that is not what are were talking about.  Try to stay focused.