Hippotigris: the zebra.

Well, basically, the hippotigris is the Zebra.  Hippotigris is a subgenus of the Equidae family.  While the family also contains some asses (doesn’t every family?), the most famous member of the Hippotigris family is the Zebra.

In my research this morning, I discovered something unexpected.  Defending Hippotigris is the story of humans defending aliens from humans.  Not sure where the Zebras come in.  Can’t recommend the book, as I have not read it.  Just wanted to point out how weird it was that there was a sci-fi book out there based on today’s word.

Hippotigris comes from the Greek word for horse ιππος, (hippos), and the old Greek word for tiger, τίγρις (tigris).  The Greeks likely picked the word up from the Avestan word for “arrow.”

Based on today’s word, you know have permission to call the Zebra, the Tiger Horse.  You will get some odd looks.  Who cares?  Tiger Horse is so much cooler than Zebra.