Pheromone: Insect cologne.  Well, sort of.

Pheromones are substances secreted by some animals, usually insects.  The pheromones affect other members of the species.  Generally, insects secrete pheromones to attract members of the opposite sex.  It does not always have to be about romance, though.  Sheesh, guys. 

Insects often use pheromones to lead others to food sources.  Of course, when they get to the food source, they choose a booth next to the window, light a candle, and order some wine… so, I guess we are right back to the romance thing.

Pheromone is a scientific portmanteau word. 

(Never heard of a portmanteau word?  Check out this post:

Scientists combined the verb φέρω (phérō) meaning, I carry and hormone.  They threw the two words into a crockpot, added a little Chanel No. 5, waved a wand, and BAM, pheromone. 

Not sure how to pronounce pheromone?  Here you go: