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Lingua Latina Quiz 21

Feel free to tinker around with this.   Let me know if you spot any mistakes.   Feel free to offer suggestions… or even compose your own questions:

  1. Num Sextus, Marcus, Titusque boni pueri sunt?     A) Marcus solus bonus puer est.     B) Iulius et Sextus boni pueri sunt.     C) Sextus et Titus boni magistri sunt.     D) Sextus, Titusque boni pueri sunt, sed non Marcus.
  2. Qui responderunt rectissime magistro?     A) Titus et Quintus     B) Sextus et Quintus     C) Marcus et Sextus     D) Sextus et Titus
  3. Quis discipulus pessimus est magistri?     A) Sextus     B) Quintus     C) Titus     D) Julia
  4. Quid magister Marco dixit?     A) “Tu filius meus es”     B) “Tu discipulus bonus es”     C) “Tu discipulus improbissimus es’.     D) “Non iam in Kansas sumus.”
  5. Ubi est tabulam Sexti?     A) cum Sexto     B) cum Marco     C) cum Caesare Augusto     D) cum Julio Caesare
  6. Cur Marcus Sextum pulsavit?     A) Quia Sextus eum pulsavit.     B) Quia Marcus amicus Sexti erat.     C) Quia Marcus puer improbus est.     D) Quia Sextus erat discipulus probus.
  7. Cur Titus Sextum pulsavit?     A) Quia Sextum habet nasum magnum.     B) Quia is vocem Marci sub Sexto audivit.     C) Quia magister eius dixit, “Pueri, pulsate Sextum!”     D) Quia Sextus habet pecuniam Julii in sacculo suo.
  8. Cur Marcus in humi iacuit?     A) Quia dormiebat.     B) Quia bos iratus eum pulsat.     C) Quia Sextus eum humi tenuit.     D) Quia Diodorus iratus eum humi tenuit.
  9. Cur Marcus rediens umidus est?     A) Marcus umidus est quia in impluvio natat.     B) Marcus umidus est quia Marcus deus maris est.     C) Marcus umidus est quia is per imbrem ambulavit.     D) Marcus umidus est quia in nube habitat.
  10. A quo Marcus pulsatus est?     A) Marcus a Sexto pulsatus est.     B) Marcus a Batman pulsatus est.     C) Marcus a Julia et Aemilia pulsatus est.     D) Marcus a Julio, Sexto, Quinto, Theseo, Minotauro, Julio Caesare et Grandmother eius pulsatus est.
  11. Quid pater Marci Aemiliae dixit?     A) “Tu formosa es, Aemilia”     B) “Sordida filia tua per villam ambulavit”     C) “Bos iratus et umidus per villam ambulavit”     D) “Porcus intravit.”
  12. Quid Marcus parentibus suis ostendit?     A) Marcus parentibus suis bos iratus ostendit.     B) Marcus parentibus suis porcum sordidum ostendit.     C) Marcus parentibus suis non tabellam suam, sed tabellam Sexti ostendit.     D) Marcus ostendit nasum eius parentibus.
  13. Quid Iulius Marco ait?     A) “Pugna tua bona est”.     B) “Bonus discipulus es”.     C) “Pugna vestra indignissima erat”     D) “Next time, punch Sextus harder!” 
  14.   Quid agit Marcus in cubiculo suo?     A) Marcus cantat.     B) Marcus into a turtle mutat.     C) Marcus vestimentum mutat.     D) Marcus Leonardo, Donatello, et Rapfael vocat.
  15. Cur sordes umida erat?     A) Quia imber cecedit.     B) Quia Aemilia in eum ploravit.       C) Quia imber cedit.     D) Quia sordes lavit.
  16. Cur Julius filium suum ‘porcum’ appellat?     A) Quia Marcus porcus est.     B) Quia Julius porcos amat.     C) Quia Marcus sordidus erat et humi iacuit.     D) Quia Marcus caudam curly parvam habet.
  17. Julius dicit __________.     A) Sextum intravisse.     B) Diodorum intravisse.       C) porcum intravisse.     D) eum intravisse.
  18.   Syra dicit __________.     A) Sextum dormivisse.     B) Diodorum dormivisse.       C) porcum dormivisse.     D) Juliam dormivisse.
  19.   Sextus dicit __________.     A) eum a magristro laudatum esse.     B) eam a magristro laudatum esse.     C) eos a magristro laudatum esse.     D) omnes a magristro laudatum esse.
  20.   Quintus audit __________.       A) eum a servo vocatum esse.     B) eam a servo vocatum esse.     C) eos a servis vocatum esse.     D) eum a patre vocatum esse.
  21.   Marcus lavat et ____________ mutavit.       A) nomen eius     B) tabulam     C) vestem     D) amicos
  22.   Pueri non magistrum recitantem audiverunt quia pueri __________.       A) dormio     B) dormire     C) dormiverunt     D) dormitorium
  23. Pulsavi.    A) I hit     B) I am hitting    C) I am being hit    D) I had hit
  24. Pulsavisti.     A) I hit     B) You hit     C) He hit     D) We hit
  25. Pulsavit.     A) I hit     B) You hit     C) He hit     D) We hit
  26. Pulsavimus.     A) I hit     B) You hit     C) He hit     D) We hit
  27. Pulsavistis.     A) I hit     B) You hit     C) He hit     D) We hit
  28. Pulsaverunt.     A) I hit     B) You hit     C) He hit     D) We hit     E) They hit
  29. Marcus _______ Sextum.     A) pulsavit     B) pulavimus     C) pulsaverunt   D) pulsaverant
  30.   Sextus a Marco _______     A) pulsatur     B) pulsati sunt     C) pulsatus est     D) pulse
  31.   Titus et Marcus Sextum _______     A) pulsavit     B) pulsaverunt     C) pulsatus sunt     D) pulsati sumus
  32.   Titus et Marcus a Sexto ______     A) pulsantur     B) pulsatus est     C) pulsatus sunt     D) pulsavi
  33.   Sextus ______ a Tito et Marco.     A) Pulsatus est     B) Pulsatus esse     C) pulsatus sumus  D) esus est
  34. I was praised.    A) laudatus sum.    B) laudatus es.   C) laudatus est.   D) laudatus sumus.
  35. You were praised.    A) laudatus sum.    B) laudatus es.   C) laudatus est.   D) laudatus sumus.
  36. She was praised.    A) laudata sum.    B) laudata es.   C) laudata est.   D) laudata sumus.
  37.   We were praised.    A) laudatus sum.    B) laudatus es.   C) laudatus est.   D) laudatus sumus.
  38. Pulsatus sunt = he was beaten          A) True          B) false
  39.   Pulsaverunt = they were beaten          A) True          B) false
  40.   Marcus tabulam suam parentibus suis ostendit.          A) True          B) False
  41.   Vox Secti a parentibus suis non audivit.          A) True          B) False
  42. Aemilia Marcum ________ ____ cum Sexto non audivit.     A) pulsavisse     B) pulsatus est C) pulsavit     D) pulsatus sum
  43. Magister Marcum _________.     A) laudavit     B) laudat     C) laudisse   D) laudavisse
  44.   Iulius Marcum __________ ____ intellegit.     A) mentitum est     B) mentitum esse      C) verum dixisse      D) prudentem esse
  45.   Laudavit =     A) he/she/it praise     B) I praised     C) you praised
  46.   Pulsaverunt =      A) They laughed     B) he/she/it laughed     C) you (all) laughed
  47.   Lavistis =      A) you washed      B) you (all) washed      C) you (all) wash
  48.   Intravisti =     A) you entered     B) I entered     C) you (all) entered     D) they entered
  49.   Scripsi =      A) I wrote     B) you wrote     C) he/she/it wrote
  50.   Pater filium laudavit =     A) Filius a patre laudata est.     B) Filius a patre laudatus est. C) Filius a patre laudatum est.
  51.   Pater filiam laudavit =     A) Filia a patre laudata est.     B) Filia a patre laudatus est.     C) Filia a patre laudatum est.

Midterms and Finals.

Recently, someone asked if there were midterm exams, or final exams for Visual Latin. Here is my reply:

Here is my reply:

Currently, there are no “official” midterm exams or final exams.   However,  I recommend taking quiz/test 30 as a midterm exam, and quiz/test 60 as a final exam.   That is if you use visual Latin as a one-year course.  

If you take the course over two years, use quiz/tests 15 as a midterm exam for the first year,  and quiz/test 30 as a final exam for the first year.

Then, in the second year use quiz/test 45 as a midterm exam, and quiz/test 60 as a final exam.

Since all tests in the course are comprehensive tests, each test works well as its own exam.

Tests and Quizzes.

Let me ask a question.

Did you take a bunch of tests and quizzes in  school?

Here is another question.

Did those tests and quizzes prepare you for life?

I took a bunch of tests and quizzes in school.  Over time, I became quite good at taking tests.

Then, I graduated.

Have you ever walked out of your warm house on a bitter cold winter day?  Do you know that feeling?  Remember how it feels to gasp that first breath of sharp, icy cold air?  Remember the pain in your lungs?

That is how it felt when I walked out of school and walked into the real world.  I sucked air for a long time while I tried to make sense of adult life.  I still feel as if I am sucking air.

All those tests in school?  They prepared me for nothing.  They proved nothing.

Actually, that is not true.  They proved that I could learn to take tests.  They proved that I could even excel at the skill.   And, in the end… they wasted my time.

I became a teacher.  I then learned the skill of giving tests.  I learned the skill of teaching with the test in mind.  I learned the skill of grading tests.  These are not impressive skills, by the way.  Any 18-year-old can learn these skills.

And, yet, here I am.  I am still a teacher.  I am still grading.  I can’t find a way out of the system.

My family and I are currently in Greece.  I am here to master Greek.  Every day, I am spending at least three hours buried in books.  In the afternoon, I try to spend some time around Greeks.  Usually, I will buy a coffee at a cafe and then just sit and listen to the locals.

The locals are my tests and quizzes.

My favorite line from one of my favorite movies, The Pirates of the Caribean, is this one: “The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can‘t do.

Can I understand the locals, or can I not?  Can I speak Greek, or can I not?  Those are my tests.  Those are my quizzes.

If I can’t understand the locals, I have failed the test.  Back to work.  When I can understand the locals, I have passed the test.

No grades.  No papers.  No multiple choice.

Not long ago, I ran across a quote by Dr. Gary North.

“If you want to learn something, don’t go to college.  Get a reading list of 100 books.  Set aside two hours a day, five days a week, for ten years to master the reading list.  That’s what education is about, not about going to college, and not about getting a degree.”

When I was young, I learned German.  I learned German in Germany. I studied German into my 20’s.  After college, which was a major waste of time, I taught myself Latin.  I studied Latin into my 40’s.

I studied Latin into my 40’s.

Now, I am studying Greek.  I intend to focus on Greek into my 50’s.

I also intend to focus on Italian during this decade as I speak Latin with the Italian pronunciation, and not with the silly pronunciation.

Every decade, I pick a new linguistic challenge.  I do exactly what Dr. North recommends with a few modifications.  100 books.  Three hours a day.  Six days a week.  Ten years.

By my 50th birthday, I intend to have a series like Visual Latin available for Greek.

I am not in school for Greek.  There are no tests.  There are no quizzes.  There are no grades.  There is only this: ”

Can I speak Greek, or can I not?

The other day, I was speaking to a Greek local.  She mentioned that she had to take an “American exam” once or twice in school.

I asked her, “What is an American exam?”

“Multiple choice”, she responded.


How have we strayed so far off course?  Why do my students often care more about their grades than they care about skill?

I am afraid that in America, we have passed the test.  Now, it’s time to step out into the cold and start learning.



Lingua Latina tests and quizzes…

I received this series of questions:

I am a bit confused about the comment on page 6 under the Heading #4 in the Visual Latin teacher’s guide, “Tests are designed to be used only with VL after completing all three sections. If you are using Lingua Latina, use their tests, not VL Quizzes.”

I have a high school student, so I have purchased the Lingua Latina reader. Is there something else I need to purchase like a test book and/or answer key?

Also, can you tell me where to find the Visual Latin Chalkboards as mentioned on page 5? I was able to locate the Blog on your website. I thought there may be a place for FAQs somewhere?

Thank you. My student is enjoying this Latin course and is excited to start the reader next week.

Here is my reply:

I need to update that section. 

Once upon a time, I used to recommend some online quizzes and tests for Lingua Latina.  I no longer do.  First of all, the tests were absolutely unforgiving and were discouraging for my students.  Second, I believe the website that provide the Lingua Latina tests and quizzes is now defunct.  Use the tests and quizzes in Visual Latin.

As far as I know, there is no test book for Lingua Latina.  There is also no answer key.  Naturally, this creates quite a challenge.  I do not recommend you purchase anything but the book itself: http://www.amazon.com/Lingua-Latina-Illustrata-Pars-Familia/dp/1585104205

At the end of each chapter of the book, there is a section called Pensum C.  In my live online Lingua Latina classes, I require my students to submit those questions to me.  I then check their work and give them a grade.  I currently do not have anything like this for those not enrolled in the course, but I am working on it.  If you start reading, and you want access to some of my notes, I would be happy to provide those for you.

If you get into Lingua Latina and find it is overwhelming, I offer all of my previously-viewed classes in an “audit” option here: https://dwanethomas.com/lingua-latina-online-class/  Scroll way down.

As for the “chalkboard” videos… go here: https://dwanethomas.com/chalkboards/

And here: https://dwanethomas.com/diagramming-english/

And here: https://dwanethomas.com/memorize-latin/

Let me know if you need more help!

Online quizzes?

 I received this question:

We have a question about the recorded lessons…it seems that the families that signed up for this audit option are able to access the graded quiz at the end of the lessons…AND they must submit it before they can move on to the next lesson.  Is this okay for the audit option families?  In other words, we don’t want to do more than we paid for, so just making sure that all is as it should be!

Here is my reply:

Take all the quizzes you want!   Students who are auditing my classes have access to absolutely everything except personal homework grading.   Students in the live classes send homework assignments to me each week. I personally grade those assignments, adding notes where they went wrong.   As this is extremely time-consuming on my part, I will only do this for students who have signed up for the full class.   I do not grade the quizzes on my site.  My computer does.   Creating the quizzes, is time-consuming.  But, once the quizzes are available my computer takes over.   These quizzes are available for all of my students.  Auditing students as well.  

Have a great day!

Test 39: Errata

A user pointed out a mistake I had made in Visual Latin test 39. 

In question 23, students are to give the correct translation for the italicized words:

Ii videbantur.     A) I will be warned     B) I will warn     C) You will be warned    D) We will be warned     E) They will be warned

The problem is, there is no correct translation.

Ii videbantur means, they were being watched.  

I have adjusted the question.  Students now have the correct options.

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know!  I would love to eliminate them all!

Test 25: Errata

A Visual Latin user has identified several errata.

I received this feedback…

Hi mr. Thomas! I had a few questions about test 25:

Question 2 sounded like a personal question as in some people may find it easy and some not.  

Question 3 I put answer A B C to find the root word for a word you must drop the nominative and throw on the genitive.  

Question 9 why is C right? Bc C is the genitive and the question asks for the root word. 


Here is my reply:

 Thanks for the feedback!  I will respond below, inside your questions.

Question 2 sounded like a personal question as in some people may find it easy and some not.  You are right.  This one can be confusing.  But, that is because third declension gender is so confusing.  Go with false.

Question 3 I put answer A Bc to find the root word for a word you must drop the nominative and throw on the genitive.  To find the root word of a Latin noun, always drop the genitive.  

Question 9 why is C right? Bc C is the genitive and the question asks for the root word.  I made a mistake here, and you caught it.  I have changed the answer from C to B.  Thank you!

Thanks again!  I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday!