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Business Math?

I received this email:

This is not a latin question. We respect your points of view about college and being debt free. My son is very smart and is college material. However, wants to build a business and not go to college. This past summer he began a car wash business. Well all i can say is he is learning from his mistakes. Now , i am looking for a great business math curriculum. You mentioned on one of your past emails that it would be more helpful than higher math. So my question would be if you have any suggestions of a curriculum or text you have tested that he could pursue studying. He is in 11 grade and has already finished PreCalc/Trig. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You are a great role model to the children and us adults. Thank you for standing against what we have been fed as normal. Is time to break off from the mold ­čÖé

Here is my reply:

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