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Ventriloquy: The act, art or practice of speaking in such a manner that the voice appears to come not from the person, but from some distant place.

Ventriloquy comes from the Latin word ventriloquus which itself comes from two other Latin words. Venter means stomach or belly.  And loqui means to speak.  So, a ventriloquist is someone who appears to be speaking, not with the mouth, but with, perhaps, the stomach.

The ancients believed that a person practicing ventriloquy was under duress, or under the spell of a demonic power, or the power of a deity.


Gastropod: Snails and slugs.

These guys are members of a class of mollusks (Gastropoda) that use their stomachs as a foot.

I used to work with some guys like that.

A scientist named Georges Cuvier coined the word in 1795. Cuvier created the word by combining the Greek word for stomach, γαστήρ (gaster), and the Greek word for foot, ποδός (podos).