My local French students and I (I am not fluent.  We are learning together.) have been watching the language learning series Extra.

In Episode three, one of the characters uses the phrase ça ne me dérange pas, meaning, it doesn’t bother me.

This threw my students for a loop.  Is she saying she is not deranged?

Of course, this is not what she is saying.

Deranged means disordered, out of order, disturbed.  These days, we often associate the word with mental disorders.

Deranged comes from the French déranger, meaning to disarrange, to throw into confusion, or disorder.  Ultimately, the word comes from two older words.  The Latin prefix dis, meaning apart, or in a different direction.  And, the Old French rengier meant to put in a line.

So, when the character says ça ne me dérange pas, she is essentially saying, “This does not put me out of order.”  Or, in better English, It doesn’t bother me.


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