Lingua Latina over the summer?

I received this question from a student:

I got very behind in my Lingua Latina Latin class this year because I enrolled in a full course load at the community college and still had homeschool high school courses to complete. I was hoping that I could enroll in Lingua Latina Latin 2 next year, which means that I would finish year one over the summer on my own. Would that be possible to do without losing the progress that I have already made or would I need to start over next year? Please let me know. Your good news stands between me and my mother’s ire.

Here is my reply:

THAT is the way I prefer to study languages.  I try to take a few months and push through at high speed.  During the summer, I used to be able to focus on one subject.  I loved it.  Can’t do it as much anymore.  I envy you.  Do it!  

Also, I am very likely going to be teaching a Lingua Latina review course this summer.   You are welcome to join if you like.

Made me happy…

We subscribed to your classes in January because my son needed some extra help with the class he was taking locally.  He never got to participate in an online class because your class was much farther ahead in the book. But he loved watching the online videos.  You explained everything so clearly and made things much simpler to understand than Mr. Henle did.  He appreciated being able to go back and re-watch videos with concepts that were harder.

I want to thank you so much for giving him the help he needed this spring!

– Hillary