Made me happy.

“I’m so grateful for your help and love your videos.  You are such a talented teacher and have helped me and my kids tremendously!”

– Stacey 

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Safe You Tube

YouTube is an incredible place.  I am convinced you could use it to learn almost anything.

Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous place.  It is easy for kids to run across what they should not see.

But, using, students can harness the power of YouTube while avoiding the dangers of YouTube.

If you want to share a YouTube link with your kids, or with your students, you can safely do so by first plugging the YouTube link into

For example, here is a video I thought you might enjoy.  I created a link for you in  Here it is:

Just like that, you can harness the power of YouTube and you can help your kids or students avoid the pitfalls of YouTube.


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Quod, quia, enim, and nam.

Students are often confused by the multiple forms of “because” in Latin.  A student posted the following helpful explanation in the forums:


I think I have figured out the difference between: “quia, quod, nam, enim, propter, and ob”. Did I forget to include any words that are similar? Do you think my following explanation is accurate?

“quia” and “quod” are basically the same, they mean “because” and they seem to be used when you’re answering a question.
Exmp: “Cur…?” “Quia/quod….”
I don’t think it matters which one you use.

“nam” and “enim” seem to be used more when you are making a clause or explaining something you have already said. They don’t seem to be used when answering someone who has asked you something. They work translated as “because” or as “for”.
Exmp: “Iulius solus non est, nam quattuor servi apud eum sunt.” OR “Timothius doctus est. Is enim multos libros legit.”

“propter” and “ob” seem to work better translated as “on account of” or “because of” instead of as “because”.
Exmp: “Marcus umidus est propter imbrem.” OR “Puer in domo manet ob nubes veniens.”


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What to pack

Traveling can actually be quite a hassle.  Or, it can be a forced rest.  Sometimes, sitting on a plane with nothing to do sounds nice.

Every time I travel, I am always envious of the the cool, carefree travelers with one backpack.  I am not envious when I watch the travelers who couldn’t decide what to pack… and, so they decided to bring it all.

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly what you should bring on a trip?

Now, you no longer have to wonder.

Bookmark this page:  Next time you travel, you will be glad you did.

My family and I have used Rick Steves packing checklist for years.  Keeps us from bringing too much.  It also keeps us from forgetting important essentials.

Here is the checklist itself:

As Rick Steves says, “Remember to pack light to enjoy the sweet freedom of true mobility. Happy travels!”


Have a happy Saturday!


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Finally back at it…

Over the weekend, I ended up sick.  I’ve been sleeping in and as a result, my productivity has plummeted.  If there is one silver bullet to my productivity is it summed up in the Spanish proverb:

“A quien madrugada, Dios lo ayuda.”

God helps those who are up crazy early.  Or, something like that.

My second secret would be this.  Never start responding to email (my biggest work time commitment) until you have moved the needle forward.  In other words, do something that moves you forward personally, invest in yourself, before responding to other people’s emergencies.

These days, that’s pretty simple for me.  Before starting on email, I have to spend time studying Italian and Greek.

Found this video this morning.  This is more for me than anyone else, by the way.  I use my blog as a way to keep up with my own progress.

Of course, if you are studying a language, and you already know another one, you can double up.  For example, in the following video, she is teaching Latin grammar… in Italian.



Closed until Tuesday

I will not be around for the next four days.  I will not be answering emails.  I will not be on the forums.  I will not be posting anything on my site.  I will not be sending a Tip of the Week.

I will be in Houston with my son (yes, the one who nearly died six months ago).  We are going down with a small group from my church.  We are going to help the flood victims.

I will be falling behind in all of my work.  I will start catching up again next Tuesday.


I fight authority. Authority always wins.

Every few days, I receive an email from someone who needs me to grade their work.

Every now and then, I receive an email from someone who really wants to learn Latin, Greek, or Italian.

It’s a bit frustrating.  Grades overshadow everything.  90% of my students only want their grades.  10% actually want to master Latin, Greek and Italian.  It is what it is.  It’s what the modern state, the modern government school system has done to us all.  I hate it.  I fight it.  I will continue to fight.  Doesn’t seem to matter.

I fight authority.  Authority always wins.

I know you guys are stuck.  We all are.  I am doing what I can to help.

I am working every day this to build tools to help students check their own work.   I am creating more quizzes and tests for my site.   Just created another one this morning.  It is my goal to write a quiz/test every day.  Already, there are around 100 quizzes/tests on my site and that number is climbing.  My site will generate an automatic grade for students who take the quizzes.  

I have also loaded my own answer keys to my site, and I will be loading more.  These are free to subscribers. Over the past six, or seven years I have created a massive database of responses to my students.  Compiled, these answers total around 1,000 pages.  These pages I am uploading to my site for my subscribers.  I also have forums where students are able to interact with other students and are able to check each other’s work.