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Word of the Day #32: Gardyloo

If you are throwing things out of your window today, consider first shouting "Gardyloo!" Gardyloo is a warning shout. Back in the old days, when pots were emptied into the streets, the one pouring whatever they were pouring into the streets would warn others by...

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Word of the Day #31: Everywhen

I study words for a living.  I am always a little surprised when I run across a word like Everywhen. It looks like a typo.  It isn't. Everywhen is an English adverb.  It means: always, at all times. So, there you go.  When it comes to English, it's best to everywhen...

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Word of the Day #30: Plethora

Plethora: an abundance, a superabundance; an excess or oversupply of something  The United States has a plethora of natural resources.  And, it’s a good thing, too.  According to Peter Zeihan in his book, The End of the World is Just the Beginning, America, due to its...

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