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But, I only need one year of Latin…

I received this comment:
Hi – I was getting ready to register my son for Henle 3 class and I understand it is $25 a month, but when I was checking out it said my card would be charged once a month, 36 times? I do not understand this? Would a year be 12 times? or Is it that I need to cancel the subscription when he is finished next May/June? Thanks!
Here is my reply:

You can cancel anytime.  I have set payments up to end at the end of three years.  Most of my students stick around with me for three years, at least.  Those who stick around for a fourth, fifth, or sixth year, get to attend classes for free.  I like to reward long-term students.
This article explains my thinking: https://dwanethomas.com/before-you-cancel/

Annual subscription?

I received this question:

I’ve had some conflicting answers from friends that do your Latin on-line. The price for the year is $250, correct?

Here is my reply:

It used to be.  I charged $250 a year, per family, for every class I teach.  When it comes to affordability, there is nothing like it among online Latin classes.  No one else provides the service I provide at such affordable rates.  

The problem is, my site, ThinkOutsideTheBorder.com renews membership automatically.  This is designed to make the process easy for students and their families.  You do not have to go through the registration process every year.  

I was trying to make things easier on everyone.  

Instead, people started taking advantage of me.  They would sign up for one year, take the discount, and ask for a refund when the second automatic payment went through.   Unfortunately, the refund process on my end is time-consuming and difficult.  Often, the refund request would come with an abrupt, or rude email.  It is demoralizing.  I have grown weary of it.  I canceled the annual option.  I have left only the monthly option open.  I am sorry.  

You joined under the annual subscription just before I canceled that option.  You are good to go.  I have not yet canceled your subscription yet because I was waiting for your final decision.  Just let me know.  If you are ready to cancel, you can do it here: https://dwanethomas.com/updating-your-information/.  If you cancel, I will refund the annual payment.