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I received this question:

To subscribe to Henle Latin 2, must I pay $25 for three years? That’s how I interpret the section on subscriptions.

Here is my reply:


Nope.  Join anytime.  Cancel anytime.  Most of my students stay with me for three or four years.  After the third year (if you stick around), your payments simply end… but, your subscription doesn’t.

By the way, I only charge per family.  A subscription grants access to every live class I teach (currently 10). It also grants access to all of the previous class on my site (currently around 700 classes).

This will help explain my thinking: https://dwanethomas.com/before-you-cancel/ 

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Subscription confusion…

I received several questions

I am trying to make sure I understand how your online classes work. The monthly subscription cover one class for multiple children? And is it 25.00 a month for each class? And, which latin curriculum are you using for the online class? Or does it matter? Sorry for so many questions. Thank you.

Here is my reply:

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