Frequently Asked Questions

Confused?  Chances are… you are not the only one.  Check here to see if I have already answered your question.


As a student in the online class, can I just watch the recordings?

Should I join the Henle Latin class or the Lingua Latina class?

How much time should I devote to the online Latin 1 class?

What level of maturity is required for the online classes?

What breaks do you take?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?

Is there a table of contents for your book, “Via?”

Do I need Visual Latin, an online class, or both?

Is Lingua Latina one year of High School Latin?

Do you provide any online quizzes and tests?

Do you provide grades in the online classes?

Why am I being charged during the summer?

How demanding is the online Latin course?

How much do the live online classes cost?

Where do I go after I have learned Latin?

Which copy of Lingua Latina do I order?

How flexible is the online Latin course?

Where can I learn Latin pronunciation?

Should I memorize the Latin endings?

What topics does Visual Latin teach?

How will I check my children’s work?

Which Latin dictionary should I use?

How long is the online Latin course?  

Can I join the Lingua Latina 2 class?

How long does a subscription last?

Do you offer summer courses?

Do you offer AP Latin classes?

What should I read in Latin?

Will I be charged monthly?

When do classes begin?

Do you offer Latin 3?



Visual Latin lesson 5 has caused a lot of confusion.  Here’s help:


How is Veni, Vidi, Vici in the past tense?  Where are the “bam” endings?



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