Frequently Asked Questions

Confused?  Chances are… you are not the only one.  Check here to see if I have already answered your question.


As a student in the online class, can I just watch the recordings?

Should I join the Henle Latin class or the Lingua Latina class?

How much time should I devote to the online Latin 1 class?

What level of maturity is required for the online classes?

What breaks do you take?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?

Is there a table of contents for your book, “Via?”

Do I need Visual Latin, an online class, or both?

Do you  provide any online quizzes and tests?

Do you provide grades in the online classes?

Why am I being charged during the summer?

How demanding is the online Latin course?

How much do the live online classes cost?

Where do I go after I have learned Latin?

How flexible is the online Latin course?

Where can I learn Latin pronunciation?

Should I memorize the Latin endings?

What topics does Visual Latin teach?

How will I check my children’s work?

Which Latin dictionary should I use?

How long is the online Latin course?  

How long does a subscription last?

Which Lingua Latina do I order?

Do you offer summer courses?

Do you offer AP Latin classes?

What should I read in Latin?

Will I be charged monthly?

When do classes begin?

Do you offer Latin 3?



Visual Latin lesson 5 has caused a lot of confusion.  Here’s help:


How is Veni, Vidi, Vici in the past tense?  Where are the “bam” endings?



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